Download Tubemate for Android

This is an incredible and useful app that enables you to search and download any video hosted on YouTube directly onto your smartphone to watch it anytime, even without depending on an internet connection, all you need is Tubemate for Android previously installed on your device. By using this app, which is very fast and simple to use, you can download videos in the best quality posible although it depends on the screen resolution of your terminal.

For example, you’ll get videos in HD (high definition) if you use the program from your Samsung Galaxy Tab (because it supports this quality). The application also allows you to isolate MP3 audio files, this is pretty useful for those who are just interested in the music itself. Additionally, you can choose the destination folder for your downloads and their quality as mentioned before

Tubemate for Android

Many smartphones and tablets users want to to download videos from YouTube to their devices so they can check them offline. Other people just want to download music from YouTube to their Android devices to expand their collection. When installing the TubeMate’s APK file from this location you can start downloading YouTube videos and audio almost immediately.

Like stated above, the application not only works to download YouTube videos on Android, but to save them on mp3 format as well. As that was not enough, it comes with an easy to use interface, it’s fast and easy to configure, you can select the resolution of the videos to download. On the other hand, you can use this app on your PC, here we explain you how to install it on your PC.

Also, the app has the ability to play downloaded as videos or music files as well as converting videos to MP3 format, thats why we recommend you to download Tubemate. You can also pause and resume your downloads in case you need the internet bandwidth to download other stuff or just use other apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Chrome, just to name some of the most important ones. TubeMate includes support for multiple, simultaneous downloads so you don’t need to wait for a download to finish in order to start downloading another video.

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