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All video lovers nowadays usually spend an important part of their time watching videos on YouTube mainly, unfortunately, we don’t always count on a reliable internet connection or have access to a decent speed top lay videos, hence the need of an app to download them and store them on our mobile phone. TubeMate for iPhone, but mainly Android devices is an app that comes very handy for these purposes.

With TubeMate you can basically download any sort of video from YouTube, choose the quality, pause and resume downloads, etc., this way you can have all your favorite videos on your device even in those cases where you have no internet access.

Tubemate for iPhone2

Unfortunately, for iOS users the app is still not available for their devices, however, we can find some fine alternates that can carry out the same tasks and have the same features such as Tube Free: Free Video Dowloader (iTunes), an app that would basically allow you to download any video file not only from YouTube but from any other source or page.

Tube Free, as its name implies, it’s a totally free tool that requires no payments at all, you just go to Apple’s iTunes Store, enter the app name in the apps browser and just download it as any other one you have installed on your iPhone or iPad previously.

Some of the most important features of this application are:

  • Support for fast downloads
  • 10 simultaneous downloads so you don’t have to wait for the other ones to finish
  • Background mode for downloads that allows you to do other tasks on your device while your video is done and saved in your Smartphone memory.
  • Like TubeMate, Tube Free also supports pausing and resuming downloads, a very convenient feature for those who need their internet bandwidth to use other apps or just to surf the internet at a much faster speed.


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