Download Tubemate for PC

Nowadays, we can find plenty of apps to play YouTube videos on Google’s PlayStore, iTunes, Windows Phone Store, among others, however, there’s apps that were not solely created to play videos but also to download them, one if not the most important among them is TubeMate for PC, a superb tool only available for Android-based devices but that can be also downloaded and used on our computers, today we will learn how to do that.

First of all, since our computer runs under Microsoft’s popular operating system Windows, we know TubeMate and all the other Android Apps will not work on it, therefore, we need to install an emulator that can play and support all apps from Google Playstore, that emulator is called BlueStacks.

Tubemate for PCWith Bluestacks you can do pretty much all tasks you do on your Android phone or tablet, download apps, chat on WhatsApp, play games, check your Facebook and Twitter accounts and so on, it’s like having a window to Android inside your PC. You can download Bluestacks, it is available for most Windows versions such as XP, Vista and Win 7 and 8, of course.

BlueStacks have been available for a while, but what does this program allow us to do? It basically allows us to run Android apps on our PC, as if we were using a mobile phone or Android tablet. To accomplish this, the developers have used a technology called “Layercake“.

Having BlueStacks on our PC is as simple as it gets. Once you have everything installed, simply open it and you’ll see a list of preinstalled applications. We also have access to a couple of different app stores to download other applications that may be of our interest, and last but not least, we can install .apk files directly on BlueStacks from the hard drive of our computer. There is also a synchronization tool that allows us to synchronize applications from our mobile phone.

When we’ve finally installed BlueStacks, we always have to experiment a bit to see what button or mouse click controls what. For example, Angry Birds Space is quite simple, just use the mouse and your finger on the screen game the same way as your Android device.

Download Tubemate for PC

All you have to do to install the software is click on the green download button you will see on the Bluestacks page and the file will start downloading automatically, it will take just some seconds as it is about 12-13 MB big, pretty small as you can see. The format of the file you’ll download is .exe which is the most known extension for all Windows programs.

Once the download is completed just open the .exe file and follow the installation instructions on screen, it’s an easy and quick process, won’t take you long.

After this step is fully completed, you can open the program and you will see it’s an exact copy of the same Android OS you got on your mobile phone or tablet but no won your PC. Now just head over to the AndroidFreeware website, click the blue Install APK button to start the installation file download directly to your computer hard drive. The APK is a small file (3.7 MB) so it should take just some seconds.

Once the download is complete, open the file and the software will automatically start the installation process, just wait for a while. Afterwards, you can just navigate on the Bluestacks window to find the downloaded app, same as when you install something on your Android device. Pretty easy process… isn’t it?

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