Download Tubemate for Windows Phone

Nowadays it’s almost mandatory to have a proper video player on our mobile device, call it Smartphone or tablet as most of news, music, series, trailers can be easily found on YouTube but not downloaded, here’s where TubeMate for Windows Phone plays an important role. But why? Well, basically because it’s a very useful and convenient Android App that grants as to download any video of our liking to our mobile phone so we can play it anytime while offline.

The application by itself is a great tool for those who don’t want to be relying on an internet connection all the time and just want to have their favorite videos saved on their devices. These are, indeed, great news for Android users to have access to such a great app, however, the main cons is that is not available for other OS system, among which Windows Phone is included. Don’t worry though, there’s a pretty solid alternate called Tube Pro that can be downloaded directly from the Official Windows Phone Store.

Tubemate for Windows Phone

Tube Pro is an impressive tool to download videos from YouTube and play them at any desired resolution, you can pause and resume your downloads, record your own videos and post them on Youtube, etc. As this was not enough, the app can work together with your PC by syncing the downloaded videos, of course you have to download a client on your PC called SuperTube.

Other interesting features worth mentioning are the background downloads, the push notifications for channerls, the FAS or Fast App Switching, subscriptions, custom backgrounds, multilanguage support and many, many more.

Last but not least, the iPhone users can download Tube Free, as we explain in this article, directly from the iTunes Store, an app with similar features that can provide key features to download videos from YouTube with no hassle and in a conveniente, easy to learn way.

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