Tubemate free download

In the apps market today, we can find a lot of interesting options when it comes to video playing and downloading, however, we must pay for most of these apps, here’s where TubeMate free stands high amongst the tools of its kind.

For those of you who hadn’t heard of TubeMate before, you are in front of one the best, most efficient and intuitive apps to play and download videos from YouTube to our mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

However, all that glitters is not gold as the app is only available for Android devices, that’s why we are going to talk about its alternates today so all of you looking for a similar app to fulfill your video needs can finally find what you are really looking for.

Tubemate free download

If you are lucky to own an Android device, we explain you how to install it on this website, it’s an APK file as the application is not available on the Play Store. Go ahead and download it with confidence, the file is virus-free and ready to be installed on your device.


For those of you who don’t own and Android device but a Windows Phone, iOS or just want to install it on your PC or laptop, here are the alternates to TubeMate we strongly recommend you to check out:

Windows Phone: If you have a Windows Phone-based Smartphone, today might be your lucky day as Tube Pro is quite possibly the closest thing to TubeMate and it’s available for free at Windows Phone Store here. This incredible tool allows you to grab all videos you want from YouTube, play and download them at different resolutions (HQ and HD supported) plus you can sync them with your PC. However, a program must be installed on your computer beforehand.

iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod): Of course there’s also a decent alternate to TubeMate on Apple’s iTunes Store, it’s called Tube Free and can be downloaded at this location. What we really like of this app over the previous ones is that it allows you to download videos not only from YouTube but from any other video source you may find on the internet. This is definitely an useful tool for those who need videos from other sites or platforms and don’t want to depend on YouTube’s catalog all the time. This app comes with full support for iPhone 6.6 and superior, the download manager supports up to 10 downloads at the same time, background mode, it can play almost all video formats available, lets you create video playlists, you can aslo delete and rename files, among many more interesting options.


BlackBerry / PC: Since there’s no alternate app for Blackberry, we put it together here along with PC as we are going to use the same program for both of them: Bluestacks. But what’s Bluestacks? Well, it is basically an Android emulator that can be installed on our computer to “recreate” the popular operating system of Google and install all the apps as on an Android-based device, call it tablet or Smartphone. Bluestacks is an absolutely free program.


We already included all the download links in the previous pharagraphs of this article but we are going to compile them all in this section so it’s much easy for you to locate and download the ones you may be looking for. So here are all the download links for each platform/operating system:

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